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Has your color blindness been an obstacle for your career in the military, law enforcement, coast guard or other field? If so, you’re in luck! Dr. Thomas Azman has created the ColorCorrection System™ to help you pursue your passion and dreams.
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Color Perception and Employment
Some jobs require color perception. For example, electrical wiring is often color-coded, and the aviation field uses color-coded lights for various functions. People who are colorblind may find their employment options limited if they are seeking a career in a field such as the military, law enforcement, or Coast Guard services. Other professions that may not be available to colorblind individuals are firefighting, engineering, pilots, or becoming a railroad engineer.

Safety standards in these fields require that applicants must be able to pass the Ishihara Color Plate Test. Other careers that do not require color vision for safety purposes may still not be available to those who are colorblind. The fashion, industry, for example, uses colors in design and manufacture. Designers must be able not just to distinguish colors but to distinguish specific shades of colors as well. The health care industry uses color coding on many medications and medical devices, as well as machinery that has visual alert systems.

The ColorCorrection System
Azman Eye Care Specialists offers the ColorCorrection System, a combination of unique tests and filters that can assist color vision deficiency. The ColorCorrection System uses individually designed filters in eyeglasses or soft contact lenses, a painless and simple process that is no more difficult for the patient than the usual examination and flitting of corrective lenses for a condition such as nearsightedness.

This unique system is not offered anywhere else in the world. The benefits of the ColorCorrection system allow anyone who is colorblind to choose a career without worrying about vision testing. Employers need not turn down a well-qualified candidate, as ColorCorrection can resolve the problem of colorblindness. Color corrective glasses and contact lenses are usually permitted in fields that require employees to pass the Ishihara Color Plate Test.

Colorblindness can have a major impact on a person’s life, but thankfully, there is treatment available! Something as seemingly simple as a stoplight requires a colorblind person to pay much closer attention than the average driver, because the familiar red and green lights are indistinguishable to a person with colorblindness. Inherited colorblindness is more likely to affect men, as it is a sex-linked characteristic. Eye diseases, trauma to the brain, and medication side-effects may also cause colorblindness.

Testing and More Information
Dr. Azman’s website can help you determine if you have colorblindness and whether you need the ColorCorrection System. A free colorblind test will allow you to determine if you are in fact colorblind and if so, what type of colorblindness you have. In addition to the more familiar red and green colorblindness, some people have trouble distinguishing between blue and yellow, a condition called Tritanopia.

If you have colorblindness, Dr. Azman can help you as he has been 100% successful. If you have any questions, you can contact the Color Vision Specialists online through this secure form.